cropped-img_2214.jpgA medical doctor by day…….. the biggest 29 year old foodie you have probably ever come across by night….. what more is there to say?

As a child I was a very fussy eater. No meat, no fish, definitely no salad and rarely vegetables. All those amazing things I was missing out on!! My passion for food started a few years ago with the simple joy of baking. After having the privilege of tasting my way through awarded restaurants, my love for food increased: from scallops to venison to duck confit to tagines to curries to cupcakes and ice creams…… Ever since, I have tried to improve my skills and expand my repertoire, never being shy of a new challenge and spending waaaaay too much time in the kitchen. I also love trying new restaurants. Oh and in my spare time, I do attempt to be a good doctor :-P.

This makes me sound like some sort of perfectionist cook…. don’t worry…. my cooking is far from perfect…. a few years back I didn’t even know one is meant to rest meat before serving to avoid a puddle of blood…. but that’s what keeps it interesting and entertaining; there is never a dull moment in my kitchen…. 🙂

So join me on the successes and failures of my culinary (and medical) learning curve 🙂

Who knows, maybe one day I will take my passion to another level and enrol in a professional culinary school…




P.S. you might recognise a few of the already existing posts, they stem from my 1234cook! times 😉

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