Citrus and Berries

Happy Summer to you all!!! I hope you are all soaking up some sun and working on the tan;-) And so sorry for not posting….. this seems to follow my last years trend of not posting during this time of year either…. work and life just seem to have sucked me in and kept me farfar away from WordPress. Slowly I am having withdrawal symptoms -.-. Time to catch up. And what better way to begin the new recipe season than with a delicious french citrusy inspired dessert? Yes, I know my last post was about the Champagne Region and now I’m talking about France again… you must think I am french crazy. So. Not. True. But, quite frankly, they do know how to enjoy life with excellent cuisine – the wine, the ham, the endless fruit markets, not to forget the daily fresh baguette, the seafood and of course all the pâtisserie mmhhhmmmmm. My current favourite français dessert: Tarte au citron +/- meringuée. NOM. I cannot get enough of that goodness!

When recently invited to an Apéro Riche in the Basque Region, I, being me, immediately offered to bring a dessert, with Tarte au citron on the back of my mind. Admittedly, a Tarte is not the best for a standing dinner, but, nevertheless, I was determined to make lemon curd play the lead role. What did I end up with? A sharp lemon curd topped with a refreshing berry coulis and wild berries. The guests loved it. Let me know what you think:-)

 Lemon Curd with Berry Coulis



makes about 9 individual servings

You’ll need

4 lemons, zested and juiced
4 eggs
100g butter, diced
160g caster sugar
4 tsp cornflour/maizena
300g mixed berries, fresh or frozen
a dash of lemon juice for the coulis
about 40g sugar, preferably icing sugar, but caster sugar also works
10 crumbled digestive biscuits or amaretti biscuits, depending what mood your in
some fresh berries to top, chopped


  1. For the curd: crack your eggs into a sauce pan and whisk. Add the zest and juice of the 4 lemons, the butter, the caster sugar (1) and corn flour. Heat over medium heat while whisking continuously, until the butter melts and your mixture begins to thicken. Once thickened until it coats the back of a spoon, lower the heat and let it settle for 1 more minute.
  2. For your coulis: pop the berries into a sauce pan and slowly cook over medium low heat, until they begin to break down. Now add a dash of lemon juice and the caster sugar (2). Taste. Maybe add some more sugar. Set aside to cool.
  3. To assemble: crush your biscuits and cover the bottom of your glasses with a generous layer of them. Top with a layer of lemon curd, followed by a layer of coulis, and finally top with berries. Chill for at least 4 hours. I usually wait with adding the berries and pop them on top just before serving.
  4. Dig in!!!
  5. If you have made too much lemon curd: fill an old empty jam jar with the left overs and refrigerate, it should keep for up to 3 weeks!

Rating: 9.5/10

Small tip: leftover curd is the perfect addition to a yoghurt and muesli breakfast.


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