Macarons: How Not to Master the Art of French Cooking

Macarons are a gorgeous chocolate delight that proved an absolute nightmare to bake. They require dexterity, time, patience and some more patience. The book I got the recipe from (Ladurée) features pictures of the most sophisticated macarons this planet has ever seen, enough to make you feel bad about how sad yours look in comparison. I found ours had more personality than the uptight pretentious macarons from Ladurée (see pictures below as we attempt to pimp up our macarons with not-so-subtle photography tricks). And out of 30, only one was pure perfection. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when a family member shamelessly ate it before a decent picture was taken, nearly starting WW3. Despite all misfortunes, I kind of enjoyed making these little devils… and more importantly, superficialities aside, found them wholly delicious!

Ladurée’s Macarons Chocolat


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